lunedì 14 dicembre 2009

Ufficiale: Google preoccupata per la libertà del web in Italia

Non è Beppe Grillo, non è Murdoch, non è il PD, non è l'IDV..insomma, non è una persona che è solita attaccare il premier Berlusconi e l'Italia. Si tratta infatti di Google, in particolare da Mr. Fleischer, che, come riportato sul NYTimes, teme per la libertà del web e con lui, come riporta, anche Facebook e da un certo punto di vista, Ebay:

Mr. Fleischer said Google feared that a guilty verdict in the Italian case might embolden politicians to try to broaden Web 2.0 companies’ editorial liability — a change that is economically unviable, he added, given that 20 hours of video is uploaded onto YouTube every minute.

“We see this as an attempt to reopen the law in Italy and Europe that protects these platforms for freedom of expression,” he said. “It’s an attack on a decade of progress.”

Another U.S. Internet giant, eBay, recently complied with the Italian tax authorities’ requests for information on individuals who made large volumes of transactions via the service. Last year, the company scaled back its physical presence in Italy, but Iryna Pavlova, a spokeswoman, said that was part of a Europe-wide restructuring in which functions like marketing and customer service are now handled centrally; eBay’s operations in other countries, like Germany, also saw staff cuts, and the company’s business in Italy is still growing, she added.

Facebook, too, has had run-ins with regulators and lawmakers in Italy, even though it recently opened its first office there several weeks ago in support of an Italian-language site that has attracted 10 million users since it was introduced a little more than a year ago.

The company recently moved to block access to several groups with names like “Let’s Kill Berlusconi,” after government officials complained that it was unacceptable to threaten violence against the prime minister. Last winter, Facebook staved off proposed legislation that would have allowed the Italian authorities to shut down Facebook if the company did not block content deemed objectionable, like Mafia-related material.

Another measure, proposed by a parliamentary ally of Mr. Berlusconi, a former television hostess named Gabriella Carlucci, would outlaw anonymous contributions to user generated content sites. In the spring, after South Korea imposed a similar law, Google blocked users of its Korean-language YouTube service from uploading videos or posting comments on the site.

All of these clashes serve as reminders of the difficulty of reconciling the borderless nature of the Internet with national differences on matters like privacy or freedom of speech. Google has had other cultural clashes in Europe, where data protection standards, for example, are tighter than in the United States.

Che ci siano stati tentativi di imbavagliare in qualche modo il web si sa, ma il fatto che Google stesso in via in pratica ufficiale arrivi a denunciare una preoccupazione per la libertà del web in Italia, mi preoccupa molto,anche se da una parte mi rassicura.
Siamo sulla via della Cina e company???

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